server startup

  • so its been a couple hours since i paid and did the setup, ive had to reset a few times due to not loading. i havent found it when it says running. now its stuck of stopping. like i said its been hours. whats up?

  • Helps if people know which game you are talking about. As you can see at the top of this screen, this is community support, not customer support. We don't work for G-Portal, we are just players like you, that try to help when we can if we have had the same thing happen to us before, but we have no way of knowing what game you are referring to unless you tell us, or post it in that specific forum.

    I am gonna assume you are talking about Ark, which may be completely wrong, but looking at my Steam downloads that occurred overnight, it looks like Ark had a patch overnight, and by looking at the time of this post and the time that this patch happened , it would have been at about the same time you were trying to set up your server. I would assume that it is probably working by now. I have no idea how long it takes to update the server once the developer of a game releases a patch, but there are too many stars aligned for this not to have been the issue.

    Now, just some advice from a player. When you first set up a server, don't add a bunch of mods to start. Add one mod, start the server, and play for a bit, see if it causes you any troubles, then add your next mod and repeat this. Not all of these mods are gonna work well with others, I know it seems like a slow way of doing this, but adding them one at a time will let you know right away which mod is the problem. If you add them all at once you will have to do this process anyway, but you will be removing them one at a time. I hope it has resolved itself for you by now, but if it still hasn't I would submit a ticket. Another thing to remember is the Gportal website has a refresh issue, no idea why it has this issue, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes when you start the servers, it will say starting, or updating, for whatever reason it wont refresh the page, and by doing it yourself , you will often see that it is indeed running, but just not showing on the webpage. After you start the server, give it 5-15 minutes before you try to find the server in the server select screen, in some cases especially around game update it may take a little longer, but its been my experience that 5-15 is the normal.

    I know none of what I said may fix your issue, and I really hope you have got it working by now, if not you should submit that ticket to support, these guys are really good at solving these problem pretty fast.

    Have a great one my friend, and good gaming,

    Haddie Lee