Max level/ Increasing levels

  • Hello,
    New to being an admin i am struggling a bit but whats so frustrating is trying to increase my Max level, i found a very helpful gportal post telling how to increase here is the URL:…I_change_the_level_cap%3F. Now after going through the steps multiple times i was able to increase it to 200 or something unfortunately in game my character's max level is only 166 and the xp bar is full i have tried many times like take just the code and other stuff didn't seem to work. if someone has the solution anything would be helpful.

  • Hai Snoooopy,

    Normally you cap out at 105 and in order to level up more you kill bosses if you want to do it legit that way.

    Otherwise you can go to the game.ini files and change it up there.

    Not 100% sure but i believe there could be even mods out there to help you along the way

    hope this helps!

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  • Hi, have a look at this, this is my personal override to level 500

    you will see it in twice, one for characters, one for dinos, then the engram point per level.

    this is based on an override of 20

    this is placed in the game.ini file