Rust Recoil 5x - A New Way Of Playing Rust

  • Rust Recoil

    Rust Recoil is a new community aiming to offer only quality.

    We currently have 2 servers 5x with Bps and 5x NoBPs.

    We are planing in opening multiple servers as we grow.

    We currently need help getting a stable player base for both servers.

    We use a few custom plugins and allot of released plugins.

    Why choose us ?

    Our servers are not play to win! We don't take any donations.

    We have lots of kits you can use! We offer the "VIP Kits" for players who have connected their in game accounts to our Discord.

    Map size on both servers is 3500.

    Max clan limit is 8 players.

    To connect to our servers please check out our website.

    Rust Recoil 5x No-BP's - Wipe Schedule: Wipe Schedule: Sun & Wed @ 5AM UK

    Rust Recoil 5x Wipe - Schedule: Wipe Schedule: Mon & Thur @ 5AM UK

    Check us out and help us make Rust Recoil great.