[PS4][EU]Conan Done Right [NEW] 10x Boosted [NO ADMIN ABUSE] 24/7 Raiding

  • Conan Done Right!

    Conan Done Right is a [NEW] PS4 boosted PVP server
    Dedicated to only the most worthy of PVP'ers, the server keeps the map clean and free of clutter.
    The Admin hosts community events every week and has an Admin shop open 24/7 for the players;
    the server currency is
    Dragon Powder and Bronze Coins and the list of items can be found in the
    Discord along with cost and the unavailable items.

    A welcome center has been established and is open to all to take a starter kit, but don't be selfish!
    we're all here for a good time. Any an all rule breakers will be found and peace will be kept by the
    Admins. One big things about the server is the Admin Abuse is non-existent and will never be a thing
    in the server. The only time the Admin will take action is when abandoned bases need wiping and when
    events are in place. Below are some of the features we have in the server

    From time to time (Probably once a week) the Admin will get bored of management and will
    hold a community event for players to earn Bronze Coins, Weapons, Armors and maybe even
    Thralls?!? Events can range from anything from
    Treasure Hunts, to PVP Based Events! and
    absolutely anything inbetween.


    Have someone you don't like? Or someone blew a hole through your base while you were offline?
    Or you just don't like them? Place an official bounty on them and they will be put on the
    for more information on how this works, visit the Discord for the full set of rules and mechanics of this feature.

    BIG BALLS 1V1:
    Again, sometimes the Admins gets bored and will take any PVP challenges that come his way.
    The Challenger declares what weapons, armor and potions are used for the battle while
    the perks of the battle are completely up to the player. Challenger Wins will result in BIG rewards
    for you or a selected clan member. Rewards can be anything from Weapons to Armors to Thralls
    and even in-game items like Keys or Hearts.

    These are only some of the features of the server! Be sure to run on by and clock in some
    hours to get the full experience. Other than that, we're just your normal boosted PVP server.

    Check out our Discord for full server rules and current events!
    If you're wanting to know more about the server then the Discord is the place to go,
    suggestions, Admin shop, and even trash talk can be found there. So kick down that
    door and drop into the server for only the most
    hardcore players looking for a challenge!

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