ARK PS4 server connection issues

  • Snce the last update, there is an issue with joining the console servers. The Devs of Wildcard(ARK) already know about it and will fix it as soon as possible with a patch. We are currently just waiting the release of the patch to fix the issue

  • Hi im still having issues with my server on ark. i switched it to offline so my server wouldnt continue to run. when i try to put it back online again it just says updating. its been saying that for hours. is there anything that i can do or is are the servers still down

  • im trying to play ark like normal and it doesnt show in the server list. ive paid for a new month and all it says its updating. i wish there was another way to get ahold of someone to see what exactly is going on with the server that im paying for. how long does whatever it is take to update. no game update so not sure whats updating. in the mean time im out of a working server that i pay for