Dayz server issue

  • Mod Error Your installation contains invalid mods! Your mod folders must be in format @modname and they cannot and must not contain whitespaces in their name (ie. @mod name). Also, the mod directory name cannot be just an "@" - which will be considered invalid as well. Invalid mods are excluded from the lists below and thus are unusable at the moment. Please remove whitespaces from the following mods: @gportal server - or remove them completely. get this error in my mods menu and i dont have that file in FTP and all files have no spaces ect. and my server isnt showing up in game?

  • I'm having a problem getting my DayZ server to show up in the DZSA Laucher or the in game server filters. The server settings says it's online and running but still cannot seem find it in any server filter. I was able to mod and play it successfully for about 12 hours before trying to login the next day and came across this issue. I do not know if it's the mods causing this or not but is there any specific step to take to add it to the DZSA Laucher list of servers? Thanks in advance!

  • have you restarted it?

    Yes, multiple times. It got stuck on updating for about 8 hours until I logged out of my G-portal account, re-logged and it showed to be online. Now, it's visible on the DZSA Launcher but it doesn't seem to have the mods I originally installed in it even if they are shown in the servers mod settings AND server's mod folders. Thank you for the reply.

  • Hai Gportal_75237695,

    I might be totally wrong about the DZSA Launcher as i am not 100% familiar with it but i got some options for you, you might like to try

    With some research here and there. Thought i would give it a shot! :)

    1 : Set your mod path and game path and game name. The rest is done. ( should auto download )

    if not:

    2 : Use the provided official "run dayz launcher" in steam. In this case, you'll need to know externally what mods you need for each server.

    if not :

    3 : Use the dayzsa launcher and set the path right, and it automates acquiring what each server needs. May be finicky but if you figure it out, could be easy.

    Now all these things that i have listed here are searched since i wasn't entirely sure.

    Maybe these might help or might not, If i am incorrect due updates and or better ways of doing so, please feel free to correct me if i am wrong. Just trying to help out :D

    🐾 𝓚𝓪𝓽𝓷𝓲𝓼𝓼 🐾