Question about multiple servers on same account.

  • I run a PS4 PVE Conan Exiles server. I want to change the settings without causing too much calamity. My idea was to rent a second server for a month and invite some of my regular player base to come over and test various settings before going live.

    The billing seems pretty general. You deposit funds into your account and then they are used as needed when your server(s) renew.

    Is there a way to set a specific time limit on a server so that it will not continue to draw funds once the time limit is reached? I am only looking to run the test server for one month.

  • So after a bit of searching and lots of reading.

    Each additional server (not server slots) you rent has a toggle switch to "Extend automatically."

    Make sure this is disabled if you don't want a server to pull funds for your Wallet automatically.

    If I encounter any additional problems with billing and renewals, l will post here.

    -edit: because I'm a terrible proofreader

  • It’s each cloud, so if you buy 100 slots for 30 days, in say la, 100 slots will be automatically extended if it’s enabled.

    Eg, I run 2 clouds, one in la, 180 slots, expires in 50 days. One in Sydney, expires in 60 days. Sydney has 3 servers at 10 slots each. They will automatically renew. The la server won’t, because I don’t know yet if that one server will still be popular.


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