Installing a mod with filezilla

  • I tried to use the in browser mod loader to add Gaia to my server, I was then informed that the loader doesnt fully install bigger mods generally and that I'd need to use a FTP program to add the mod. I followed the posted guides but there's no "mod settings" section in my basic settings tab. Where do I go from here?

  • what happens when you install Gaia from teh control panel?

    I have been running Gaia, and only had one problem. And that was an update failing

    anyway, try installing the mod from the mod tab, of course all this is done with the server off.

    if you have an issue, upload the mod from your mods folder to /shootergame/content/mods. Make sure to upload both the 1125442531 folder and 1125442531.mod file

    if you need to manually add teh mod to the active mod list, open up the gameusersetting.ini file in the configuration tab, and add 1125442531 to the first mod in the activemods= line, make sure there is a comma after the first and second mod id number.


  • Most of the Gaia items don't work or only half work. The carcass grinder doesn't harvest, the glider suit doesn't work, poison knife doesn't give torpor etc.

  • yes it was top of the load order, I tried manually installing it and adding it to the config file but it doesnt seem to have initialized, going to try again.

  • ActiveMods=1125442531,804312798,1686302787,1814953878,731604991,1404697612,761535755,558079412,1591643730,893834064,719928795,749466101,722649005,821530042,762778283,936959483,1440414363

    the 1125442531 is Gaia

    When I launched the server to check if it worked the mod wasn't working and it had deleted my Gaia items so I shut it down again, will I need to revert to a previous save?

  • Yeah, if you made a change of any kind and started the server, you will have to roll back to a save before you did that. Well not any kind, but mod items disappearing yes. Just adding the mod back won't put back things you may have built.

  • Okay, what I suggest you do is roll the server back, zip up your local Gaia directory in you mods folder, upload the zip, to /shooter/content/mods and then send a ticket to support and ask them to unzip it.


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  • also, I use winscp FTP client, it has a command for keeping remote servers in sync, by directory, ihavefound this useful at times, when these bigger mods with nested directories are being pitas


    (my views are my own)