Renting space for a Ark Cluster for PS4

  • I am thinking about making a PS4 server to run a ARK cluster, if i currently have a 60 slot server all assigned to the map The Island can i reduce the slots to that map down to 10 (or your minimum) and the use 10 slots for another map and so on until i have used all 60 slots??

  • Ok here is my issue I had to reset my password thanks to a jerk who hacked our original one . After spending most of the day just to get rid of the buildings I can others are locked I can't get rid of . I contacted support thru a ticket to see if they could rid us of his 'left overs ' they can't help . Anybody out there that can? Don't see why my brother and I should lose what we have done so far.

  • make sure you have admin by enablecheats (password)

    cheat destroytribestructures

    cheat destroytribedinos

    both commands require you to stand in front of a item they own so need to be close enough for radial menu to be shown on structure items also the commands affect the entire map and the structures one will affect stuff like campfires etc

  • You can also use the command. admincheat givetome while targeting something. This is a bit more tedious than the way Fairy Mod Mother described, but it is far less dangerous in the fact that you won't accidently destroy all your stuff by using the tribe version. has all the cheat commands. Using this command will allow you to pick up and salvage any parts and pieces they might have used in the building process. It will grant you ownership of the structures or dinos. Both ways will work, but like I said , be careful with that tribe version. If you accidently target you or your brothers stuff and type that, it will destroy every single thing you own.

    Have a great day,

    Haddie Lee

    P.S. Avoid using anything that says "Destroy" unless you are very certain, as this can't be undone other than a roll back. Simply take ownership of any problems you might have, then decide the best way to proceed. It also allows for heads to cool, and feelings to mend before destruction takes place.