The Dractaryian Age: Dedicated Server. Fantasy Heavy RP/ERP/Light PvP.

  • Server: The Dractaryian Age: Dedicated Server. Fantasy Heavy RP/ERP/Light PvP.

    Basic Info:

    >North American Based

    >Server is Based Around Eastern Standard Timezone (EST) - Most active times are nightly.

    >Plenty of roleplay flexible and opportunities await.


    The Dractaryian Age comes after a horrific time of lawlessness, chaos, and terror within the land. Sentient life across the lands are on the verge of mass extinction. Past wars have left everyone with nothing. Famine, plagues, unlawful behavior, and absolute chaos rule these lands. The Dractaryian Age brings a time of order, unity, and protection to those who will follow their laws. Join us today. Your rate of survival only increases.

    Looking for:

    >Active roleplaying members.

    >Friendly, respectable players to have some fun, friendly, drama (IC only) roleplay.

    Server Access:

    >Password protected.

    >Join server to read the rules and find password: Discord link is

    >Please do not hesitate to speak or ask anything in discord.

    Server Details:

    Harvest Rate: 2.0

    XP Rate: 2.0

    Hunger Rate: 0.5

    Thirst Rate: 0.5

    Drop Equipment On Death: No

    Bodies Stay In World: No

    Avatars Disabled: Yes

    Purge: No

    Server Type: No server wipes unless absolutely needed.

    Mod List:



    >RP Aesthetic

    >Savage Steel

    >Savage Steel Vol II

    >Exiles Extreme

    >Glass Construction and More

    >WARRIOR Mutator


    >Exiled Lands Improved

    >Thrall War Dungeon

    >Shadows of Skelos - Extended

    >The Age of Calamitous

    >Immerse RP: Building & Placeables Decor

    >Conan Sexiles

    >Paragon Leveling

    >Flutterguys Camera

    >Aquilonian Females

    >Improved Quality of Life

    >Less Building Placement Restrictions

    >Unlock Plus