TuskerMedics [US Mid] [24/7] [PC] - Soldier owned, lots of mods, and an active community and admin staff!

  • Welcome DayZ survivors! Behold the newest modded server in the community - TuskerMedics!

    Looking for a modded server close to base game values? Tired of the arcad-y and "Too Easy" feel of typical servers? Then this is the one for you.

    The TuskerMedics server is dedicated to both the service men and women around the US and to players looking for a refreshing, new DayZ experience on a fresh server. This is your chance to get ahead of the game, and to have a grace period where you can focus on building up. Several mods are in use to enhance the experience, and really put the cherry on top of the metaphorical cake to make the experience genuine, rewarding, and objective-based. Now for the important parts.

    Special Features!

    • Traders! - Traders! Sell that hard-earned loot for currency, which you can exchange for things you need, like supplies for the long journey back home or that elusive car part you just can't seem to find
    • PartyMe! - PartyMe is a mod that lets you properly group up with your friends, meaning no more scouring the world high and low for your friends, now you can just head straight to them!
    • Airdrops! - Occasionally, airdrop will - well - drop down somewhere on Chernarus. They hold high level loot and, with that, a great opportunity to test out your new skills and equipment as you fight other players for its rightful claim!
    • Killfeeds! - No good PvP game is without Killfeeds, now the whole server can bear witness to that epic skirmish between warring clans or you can show off the heat you're packing!
    • Better Vanilla map! - Now, you can make 3d and 2d markers around the map - meaning you can save important locations like a car or your base and never forget where they are located ever again!
    • Vehicles+! - MRAPS, Humvees, sports cars - oh my! All the vehicles have been expanded, if you're lucky you can even secure an MRAP or Humvee to use in raids and high level looting sprees!
    • Weapons+! - The weapons have been greatly expanded. C4, Golden Eagles, and even CheyTacs can be obtained and used, giving you so much more to look forward to when looting military bases. No longer are you on the hunt for that elusive M4, because other options of the same tier are now available!
    • Field Repairs! - You drive away from that zombie horde or that group of high-geared players - but now your car has a hole in its tank. Now, you can find tools that will let you make field repairs so you aren't completely disabled after a big engagement.
    • So much more! - Better suppressors, bigger ammo stacks, wallets to hold your money, and so much more are added to the server to give it the best experience possible in DayZ. New mods are located and being added to the server regularly, so there will always be quality of life improvements to make it a genuine and enjoyable experience. Hell even the administrator staff will teleport you to your friend so you don't have to run like a mad man to join them, just make sure to ask nicely! Speaking of..
    • Active administrative staff! - The admins are active in both the game and the community, and if you can't contact them in-game you can contact them in Discord, meaning any problems or bugs that arise will be solved quickly and efficiently. If you're nice enough, they'll hop into the server just to make sure you can play with your friends by teleporting you to them.


    As you can see, TuskerMedics offers a great DayZ experience focusing on making sure you have as much fun as possible, come on in and make your way through the apocalypse!


    New modded server with a good mod count, said mods are great quality-of-life and expansion additions. Fresh server, which means fresh map, so you can build up.

    Server Information

    IP/Port -

    Discord: https://discord.gg/WtCH3gG

    We highly recommend using DZSALauncher