ARK (Ps4) US - New Server - My tamed dinos have no exp or ability to lvl up?!

  • So, I just rented my first server for ARK PS4 today, set everything up to the best of my abilities... used to run a tiny server with an extra PS4 that I had, but it couldn't host very many players without major issues so I came here. Everything went great during setup, saved, launched, connected, and went to an obelisk to get my stuff (mostly just an outfit, some tools, and my few dinos in cryo-pods).

    Everything moved in just fine, but when I went to pull my dinos out of the cryo-pods they reverted back down to Lv.1 and have no exp bar in the inventory and can't level up?! Plus, the colors and names have been reset to default (but thats an easy fix with admin codes) and even their GENDERS are messed up! Can anyone please help? Did I do something wrong in the server settings? I even tried to tame a new dino, but even it had no exp bar and no way to level up...

  • I tried shutting down and restarting the server... the dino I had pulled out still had messed up gender, name, and colors, but it regained its exp bar and ability to level up, YAY! But, the next one I tried to pull out did the same as before; no exp bar, no way to level up, colors messed up, name reset, and gender was different... again. Maybe I should just start over with new dinos, but that doesn't change my new tamed dino from having no exp bar or way to level up

  • Well, in that case, I'll just use some codes to reprogram my dinos to where they were and tell my users to transfer their dinos without cryopods. Thank you very much for the info.