Questions about Alpha 18 Stable

  • Okay, so we all know Alpha 18 Stable is out already. So why is it that I cannot choose Alpha 18 in the Basic Branch setting? So here are my questions:

    -Is the public branch setting already set to Alpha 18 Stable?

    -Why can I not see my server if I use RWG? Is it still set to function with Alpha 17?

    Just so you guys know, I have set the RWG seed to something small like TnT just to see if it functions at all, and no the server does not show up on the list and yes I have waited for more than 10+minutes to almost 2 hours to see if it's a Server Loading issue.

    Also why is it that almost none of the general options like "Drop Nothing on Death" does not function even when set to it? It seems to revert to drop Everything.

  • It can take up to an hour to generate a RWG.

    I have mine running under Alpha 18 experimental no issues, but i did reinstall, then change. It took about 20 mins to create my world.

    Is this a new install or are you changing things? you should do a reinstall to refresh all the files

    As for the other question, just send of a quick ticket


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  • That's the thing, why do I have to run it on "Experimental" if it's out in Stable version already?

    When you re-installed and changed it to what? Public? or Experimental?

    I left my computer running for 3 hours and the Server doest not show up in the server list if I set RWG. So tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or perhaps post some screenshots of what you have running in terms of those specific settings?

  • well the public is 18.1 I jsut changed mine to public, and checked the logs.

    can you try joining via ip address?

    Checked the logs and in claims it's running 18.1, but yet even after doing that it's still not showing on the server list if I place it on RWG, as soon as I disable RWG, it shows up on the list.

    edit*** And nope, still can't join thru IP

  • Have you asked support via a ticket?

    also have you taken your local install off experimental

    Yes and it's the same thing as always the same "Copy & Paste Response" of "Try uninstalling the server, re-install, new world etc.etc.etc."

    Yes, my local is set on Public and yet still refuses to show up if I place it under RWG.

  • Ah THANK YOU~ Now it finally works.

    One more question since you seem to have helped so well. But how do I switch it where the daylight lenght lasts for 120 minutes without it bugging out and causing night time to instantly end in less than 2 seconds.