New 10x 10/11/19 InstaTame/Pets 24/7 Pvp

  • Hey whats up! New 24/7 Pvp server is up!

    Server Name: New 10x 10/11/19 InstaTame/Pets Pvp 24/7 Admin Shop, Map Room At Every Obelisk With Dancers! Active Admins/Admin Events, Raid Bases, Arena To Fight Bosses To Get Rewards Along With Pvp Arena!!! No DoD On Weekdays/DoD On Weekends! Stamina Cost Is Cut In Half! Very Fast Paced Gameplay!

    Starter Kit: 1x Every Star Metal Tool!

    Raid Time: 4pm-12am!

    We Like To Keep Things Simple, And Fast Paced For Everyone, So Come And Enjoy! Friendly Admin's Who's Willing To Help You Out With Almost Anything!

    Will Be Lots Of Fun And Prizes! Join Our Discord For More INFO! Come One Come All! THANK YOU! [IMG:]<3