Server will not start

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  • My server will not go online. i am on ps4 and it is called "24/7 20× Boosted PvP Purge Weekends 12/22/17" and there are 20 slots. I just bought this server today and when i try to press activate it goes online for about 1 sec then goes right back to offline. Please help lol

  • Having same problem with my server. Had mine for a few weeks now. Was getting unknown error when trying to join it, so I decided to restart it. Now it won’t start/come online at all.

  • My server says to to update it in order to go online. The server says Offline but it is still running. No changes can be made the the admin options. This started after the last update. Is this problem being looked at?

  • The same is happening to me right now as well, unfortunately. I made a few changes to my server and then saved and restarted. Since then, it does exactly what you describe, Xtravis123. Lol. About to open up a help ticket.