(NEW) Bum FIghts [PS4] Conan Exiles PVP/Weekend raids, 10x Resources and Xp, Unlimited Stam, Insta Thrall, Events.

  • Bum Fights is a fresh server started in mid October with a welcome center, starting weapons, and minimal admin intervention. Current player cap is 20 players but will expand to meet demand. An admin shop will be added after player count increases. Admins are counted as players and will be raid-able. Events will be attempted on a weekly biases. Discord is optional. Discord invite: fH7H6ek

    Full server name: New BumFights 10x Res, MaxStam, InstaThrall, Weekend Raid, Events

    Quick server setting:

    10x Harvest

    10x Xp

    2x Burn time

    .1x Durability multiplier

    .75x Crafting cost

    .1x Crafting time

    10 Max clan size

    .25x Animal crafting time

    Instant thrall conversion

    Full weekend raid

    PvP is enabled 24/7

    Player bodies remain in world

    Keep equipment on death

    Building abandonment is set to 7 days to keep the map free from abandoned bases

    Server Rules:

    No under-meshing

    No Spamming foundations or major spawn blocking