• (TAKEN FROM VYAKST DISCORD, JOIN TODAY! ) SERVER IS PAID FOR 6 MONTHS IN HOPES TO GAIN TRACTION. WILL INCREASE PLAYER LIMIT IF WE SUCCESSFULLY FILL SPOTS - Welcome to your New ConanExiles Server & Discord: Vyakst(PS4)! This server is considered PVE-C during the week, and PVP and Structure Damage will be enabled over the Weekends! Our server is dedicated to the players who join & will do our best to accommodate all active members within. We've decided to open Vyakst due to the huge influx of MAXBOOSTED servers & wanted to be one of the few servers that don't just hand the endgame over after just a couple hours. With that being said, Vyaskt does have reworked modifiers within the server & they will be revised indefinitely as the server grows(Feedback Accepted). It's our hope to give you all an all-around experience that adds maximum playability and enjoyment while avoiding game-breaking enhancements. Please review Server Modifiers in #modifier-notes. This Discord and the Vyaskt Server are managed by the four Admins who have helped bring all of this together; Vyrises, Gutta, AkiliKaiju & Strange-Twit. You can find more information in the #vyakst-admins tab. Please don't hesitate to contact either one of them with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding ConanExiles. The #announcements tab will be used to notify members in the case of server maintenance or outages. It will also be used to celebrate the winners of any future #events we hold (Cash, Material, DLC items). Our #rules-and-guidelines tab explains what the Admins expect of ALL members of Vyakst, New & Old. Competition and Opposition is to be expected-But we do insist on a fair interactions. Conflicts are unavoidable, but there are lines that should never be crossed in any form of disagreement. Failure to adhere to the rules will begin with a warning, and end with removal from both Vyakst & Discord. Banned members will be placed in the #wall-of-shame on both Discord and In-Game along with offense for all to see. Please read #etiquette to avoid any misunderstanding before engaging in Raiding or PKing.

    Once within the Server please do either Create/Join a Clan and post it to the discord. Inactive players(Without Clans) & their bases will be wiped at the end of every week @11PM to keep the server clean, and to make space for active members. #poi-coordinates will include important areas such as the Welcome Center, Arena, or future PERMA-BUILDINGS that harbor events. #map-rooms coordinates will also be given to help everyone along their grind to move about the map quickly if need be. Last, but certainly not least-This discord hosts a #open-tavern that encourages socialization & community building or anything not included in the TABS menu(Chat not restricted to ConanExiles). Please don’t feel out of place in this server - We’re all here to enjoy the same game after all! Thank you for choosing Vyakst as your go-to server! Hope to see you in game!