constantly being kicked from server

  • I am constantly being kicked from my server. After about 3 minutes it kicks me out. This is happening to my friend also. I did have internet outage for a few days and it was fixed late yesterday afternoon...I had to re enable the port forwarding on my modem ....but this doesn't seem to be helping. Any help would be appreciated. Dark and Light doesnt have an update nor does steam so that isn't the issue. I also backed up the server and restarted so far nothing is helping. Thanks in advance!

  • Okay after reinstalling the server late yesterday afternoon I was able to play for a short time maybe 2 hours...then I was booted from server multiple times.

    This morning it has been the same. I do still have some internet connection issues, and AT&T will be out Saturday for that issue...however my friend and i are still being booted from the server. She lives in California and I live in Louisiana. I went with a server hosting website because I thought that would keep the server up and running even if I had internet problems. So I am assuming the problem is with the server and not my internet problems. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

  • So after you reinstalled your server, you said all your mods were gone, and it was working. Did you put the exact same mods back? Some mods don't play well with others, this sounds very much like a mod issue, if it is kicking both you and a friends many states away. I'm just a player like you, so I have no need to defend G-Portal, but this sounds very very much like a mod issue. As a player, I would remove 1 mod at a time, if I still crash a lot, then put that mod back and remove another, until I find the one that is giving me the trouble. As an example the old version of Castles Keeps and Forts works fine, the new version released a few months ago, last time I checked was still not playing well with other mods.

  • Thanks, I guess that could still be the problem...but I am pretty sure that I reinstalled all the mods before playing that two hours last night. At this point I am willing to try anything.

  • Okay ....thinking out loud here ...but could it be a problem with one of our bases? We seem to get kicked/booted from server when we try to get near my friends base. Other than that I went the long way around it and passed without an issue when I came back towards her base I got kicked from the game. What could cause this? It has been the same for her trying to get to her base as she gets close by like right outside of it it kicks her from the game.

  • Hi, Mods are almost always the issue, and it took me maybe 6 mnths to wrap my head around that.. If you want help with the mod setup, load order etc, just let me know whihc mods u are running


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