installing mods to my new server

  • I had just Subscribe, download and copy-pate into FTP server directory the mods forlders. I dont know if they go into any specific folder (I put them in the root /)

    I am actually having issues setting the parameters I cant find how to add it for the server to start with the mods.

    if anyone can help pls. I am kind of new in this.

  • Hi

    This is from a previous post

    To add mods to your server you have to 1. subscribe to the mods you want to start in the steam work shop, 2. start dayz launcher to load mods in your workshop folder, close launcher. 3. connect to your server and upload mods to your server with a FTP (FileZilla). MAKE SURE MODES DON'T HAVE ANY SPACES IN THE NAME!

    for example Winter Chernarus will not work but Winter

    Winter , depending on the mod, dragging them to the left under "ServerMods or ClientMods will install them on the server. Thats it .”


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