Can't find server in Dark and Light

  • Okay, little background, I started a new server ( first time using g-portal) DNL and at first I could find and join the server for the last 24 hours I can't find it even though I saved to favorites and it should show up under my survivors list or friends list. Not sure what the problem is, my friend is able to join and play. I am about ready to close this account! Adding mods is a nightmare and I can't get any of them to work. Tried the Filezilla work around from a vid on Youtube but even the same mods take forever to transfer. I am still on DSL (ATT) in a rural area and I am sure that is some of my issues..but I did have this much of a problem with BlackBox Hosting back last year.

    If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it very much.

    Edit: I seem to have fixed the finding of server and logging in not sure having issues with the mods.

  • I understand this but I can't seem to spawn them in. Mods like the Colorful Creatures and the Glass Bottle Stack 200x seem to be working fine as they do not require a spawn code those that do don't work. The mods numbers are listed under the files and in the mods area of Basic settings and all the ones I have selected are active...but yet nothing is working. I know that it may be due to the fact that the Mod dev kit hasn't been updated in quite some time...I was just curious as to whether anyone else was getting them to work.

  • If you are talking about the AdminLogging tab under basic settings I have that activated or on. As to being admin to my server I am the one that purchased it and set it up if admin statis isn't a given for this then how do I do that. BTW thanks for the help!