[Pc][NO KOS] Dusk Of Mankind!

  • We're a friendly server with a lot of great people! Great event's held every so often with great rewards!

    Server Features

    -Six hour restarts

    -4x increased speed acceleration

    -30 minute night cycle

    -Active Admins!

    -Custom Bridge leading to Prison Island and our custom Skalisty Island Military zone

    New groups!

    With a 3+ faction made we will give you a small base building kit to get started!

    We're currently a 60 slot dayz server looking for more players! We have multiple traders scattered around along with custom milly zones to add more areas to explore. (Suggestions are welcome!)

    Discord - https://discord.gg/nbaGtRa

    Server IP: 192.140.78:2702

    Hope to see you there!