Server Backup Downloads and Uploads (Alternative to Cloud Storage and Automatic Deletion after 5 Day Grace Period)

  • I am suggesting the ability for a server admin to download server backups and store them locally with the additional capability of uploading them to restore a server. The importance of this is to preserve a server if, for any reason, the server is deleted. This could be due non-renewal (and missing the 5 day grace period) suspending the server to bring it back up after a bit of time, or restoring a server from crash/corruption.

    Backups in the cloud are not sufficient as they are not saved past a server deletion (5 days after non-renewal). If a clan (or individual) misses the auto-renewal for any reason, the entire server is lost with no method of recovery, even if they re-subscribe. This, of course, is sometimes enough for people to abandon the game or move on to another (for those that do not periodically reset in the first place).

    Minecraft Realms (XBox One) is a good example of this ability. Those backups can be downloaded, saved, played locally, and uploaded back to the server.

    This is more important for console players as they have no other means of hosting/saving private servers, unlike PC players.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    You can already do this this, Via FTP. If its Xbox or PS4 servers, They do not allow us to give you the game/server files. This is directly not allowed by studios or MC and Sony

  • Ah, I understand.

    I'm guessing it needs to be built into the game then vs downloading/uploading separately. For the example I listed - Minecraft Realms on XBOX One - you can download locally to your console and re-upload to the server, BUT it is all done WITHIN the game client (which Conan Exiles doesn't feature).

    It's probably an inconsistency with Microsoft. Fallout Shelter also supports editing the game files on Windows 10 and syncing them back to XBox One via the cloud save system. In any case, I realize now it's out of your hands. I guess I'll need to approach Funcom for this functionality within the client and server itself.

    I thought I'd ask anyhow.

    Thank You Much for the responses.