Thrall War Dungeon Mod not updating

  • Hi

    Another mod "Thrall War Dungeon" does not update on server.

    I have written a SUPPORT ticket 3hr 46 min server down and no reply.

    G portal is broken and that is a fact !

    From your own personal experience please share, Who is the best game server in Australia?

  • G-portal are, and that is a fact. I have tried every provider in aus, and some os.. over 3 years of hosting servers, G-portal are the best of them. Our problem is the time zones. there is a period where the us and eu have a gap. But, coverage should still be about 4 hours for tickets to be answered


    (my views are my own)

  • This is the reply from gportal. So there system is broken.


    We do apologize for any inconvenience this may ahe cauased for you. We have been working to update our Mod updater.

    I am showing that the mod is now up to date and the server is online and running. Can you please try to login to the server now?

    Kind regards,



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