[PS4] Galactic Conquest: Star Wars RP/PVE 8X Inf Stam, Raids, Starter Kits, PVE only Zone

  • I'd like to welcome everyone to try out my new server, please join the Discord if interested; Njb5fWB . Open to the public October 1st, I'm looking for some honest admins willing to help build community structures and deal with cheaters/rule breakers, as well as Discord admins. The server will start with 3 months, and starting January 1st will be purchased for a year. Server is up and running for admins but is locked.

    This is a Star Wars RP Server, so all roleplaying is Star Wars themed, and the stories are a mix of Conan and Star Wars Lore, perfect for any fan of both franchises.

    SERVER SETTINGS: Infinite Stamina, 8X everything, Fast Thrall and pet conversion, lower crafting cost, faster crafting.
    SERVER ZONES: There are 4 zones that are subject to change based on major events; No Build Zone West of the Unnamed City, Neutral Zone in the center of the map, Light Side Zone is the entire Jungle, and Dark Side Zone is the entire North. These areas are the default build zones for players based on their roles.