• Ark PS4 server

    I can access the admin command entry but every time I try to access showmyadminmanager, for the life of me I can't get it to show.

    I've been able to use other commands (gcm for instance) but I think I'm missing something with not being able to bring up SMAM

    Any help appreciated, cheers

  • Thanks Brad. I finally got it working. Needed to use "enable cheats <password>" before using "showmyadminmanager"

    Something so simple...

    Now that it's showing, why is there no "cheat manager" on the right hand side? I'd post a screenshot but since I'm on ps4 I'm not sure how that works

  • I've never used it hence the post. Apparently it is available on pc as I found someone's screenshot that shows the cheat manager part of the admin manager screen on the right. When I use it there is just a blank area where the cheat manager and execute are on the image

  • oh my Goddess, i have had a real senior moment then..

    is it a thing in ps4, i only see old posts saying its coming

    i tend to use typed commands.. but i am on pc so its easy


    (my views are my own)

  • Haha, we've all had those moments. I'm not sure if it's meant to be there or not but I've seen plenty of youtube stuff with it being used so I'm hoping it's available for gportal ps4 servers