How do I change game options not listed in the server options?

  • Hello!

    There are some "game options" available in the server settings, but not all are displayed there. More options exist that are not displayed. Example: How do I set "EnableVolumeWeight"? This can be set in local coop, and is in gameoptions.yaml in scenarios, but I don't see it on g-portal's server settings.

    Any help / feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • I have tried this with no luck. I've kept the spacing consistent and added new properties to the dedicated.yaml file found in the configuration tab. I click save to keep the settings. I've checked it again, and the changes are there. I've looked into the directory with an FTP and see the dedicated.yaml file, and the new settings are there as well. The new properties are shown in the Basic Settings area now, under "Extended", so G-Portal settings are seeing the new properties, and I can even change them there. It seems like it should work, but it doesn't!

    Now the server will not start up. It tries, but then it switches to offline as soon as it would normally spin up and show CPU and RAM usage. I'm assuming it's rejecting the changes I've made to the dedicated.yaml file. I can Reinstall the server, but that will launch a server with all default settings. Before adding new properties to dedicated.yaml I was able to change the default settings in Basic Settings and the server launched perfectly fine.

    I've attached an image of the file "dedicated.yaml" downloaded and opened in Notepad++. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong! Or if there is any special way to add more parameters/properties to this file.

    UPDATE: I just trashed the server and made a new one from scratch and only added "EnableVolumeWeight: true" to dedicated.yaml. The server would not start. I removed "EnableVolumeWeight: true" and the server started. It appears it doesn't like this setting! Is there somewhere else I can add this setting to the game?

  • No dice! Perhaps this feature is not supported for dedicated servers, or maybe g-portal needs to add support for it.

    Thanks for your assistance, and let me know if you discover anything!

  • Support was lightning fast.


    Some settings in g-portal configuration are used, like the server name and allowing blueprints, etc, and will be reflected on the server. Most settings are not, however, even the ones that are listed in the configuration by default! There is no way to know which are used and which are not. Some settings, like the difficulty settings, need to be changed in the server file gameoptions.yaml. To be safe, I set the config settings I wanted in g-portal's Configuration's dedicated.yaml as well as the gameoptions.yaml on the server. The EnableVolumeWeight setting needs to be changed in gameoptions.yaml, not added to dedicated.yaml. Adding that setting was crashing the server.

    Before trying these new settings on the server I had to delete the server's files for both saves and cache (or trash the server and remake it if whoever is reading this has gone nuts changing things) and then, using an FTP client, modify the gameoptions.yaml in the Default Random template folder on the server before starting a game. Before starting a game! I thought I did this, but I must have screwed something up because when I tried it again it's working perfectly now. Type "difficulties" into the console to confirm settings are applied to the new game. 0 = easy, 1 = medium, 2 = hard, etc. To get the adminconfig I copied the contents of my local coop game adminconfig.yaml into g-portal admin config file, and thankfully that worked.