[US] War & Peace: RP & PVP Zones, Limited KOS

  • Discord is https//:discord.gg/KZAwjdd


    After playing on many servers, I have notice one thing they all have in common. They lack the ability to provide enjoyable content to the RP and PvP players together. They will tend to either be Role Play with little of no PvP action, thus ignoring the PvP player. Or they let the server run hog wild thus not letting the Role Play crowd have any breathing room to enjoy things.

    War & Peace has a solution that appeals to almost every type of play style in SCUM. We have zones that are dedicated to restricted PvP meaning NO KOS. Everything must be role played out. Then we also provide within one of the Neutral Zones, a city that is completely safe from player hostile actions. This city is for those who wish to not be at risk of being killed in PVP. Then we have our shining star! The Conflict Zones. The conflict zones are unique to War & Peace. During normal play, there is NO KOS in these sectors, BUT, once factions in a zone go to war! The sectors they live in are KOS till the war ends within 48 hours.

    The games styles here are intermixed. A player can live in the Safe City, then venture out into the neutral zones to Role Play at a low level of risk. Just enough to make gaming fun. Then if they want to be more venturous, they can build a base in the Conflict zones and have a high risk of going into war with others. We hope you enjoy!