Online Raid Requirement

  • I am the Owner of the Wildwater server and it has the Online Raid Requirement (ORR) which is awesome by the way however what I personally think should be added it the fact that timed dynamite can still be used to offline raid Id like to personally see that problem fixed or remove timed dynamite from being able to be made and make it so ONLY admins can spawn it in in case we have to combat the combat logging situation (which we have had to do multiple times) then we can spawn in some and blow 1 hole in the building or do whatever it is that we deem necessary at the time. But obviously ORR doesn't work if people use the timed dynamite so it would be nice to again either A fix this issue or B remove it completely.

    Thank you for hearing me out


    Owner of Wildwater server

  • Hi Alex, I am unfamiliar with Outlaws, but i have done some googling, and its not helpful. There seems to be no documentation for server settings as yet, that i can find.

    What you are asking is a game development issue, so you would need to talk to the devs about it.


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