Last Hardcore Survival

  • There are many servers in the name of which there are words "HARCORE" and "SURVIVE", but in the settings of such servers as a rule "loot" is twisted to the maximum, and zombies and robots are humiliated to the limit. As a result, the average statistical "survivalist" looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Commando", all hung with weapons and destroys millions of enemies…

    This server is not about Arnie …

    Appreciate your life, you will not respawn in the selected sector and on a team member, and zombies and robots are incredibly evil.

    Rejoice code at the end you will find something valuable, loot is very low, and it is very easy to lose it.

    Worry about the safety of your belongings, if someone robbed your base or hijack vehicles while you are offline – it means that you have poorly hidden your property or allowed you to track down.

    Server Name: Last Hardcore Survival
    IP Address :
    PvP dmg: 2x
    Loot spawn: 0.3x
    Puppet damage: 5x
    Mech damage : 7x
    TimeOfTheDaySpeed : 0.75
    Restart: 23:00 (UTS), 07:00 (UTS), 15:00 (UTS)