A question

  • I have an ark server and people keep complaining about admin abuse witch is not happening and they keep telling me my servers gonna get shutdown by reporting it is that even possible? Because if it is thats messed up cause im paying for it not them so its frustrating being told that they are gonna get my server shutdown like their dad works for Wild Card or something.

  • now some dude called me and told me where i live what phone i have he called me and is threatening to ddos me. He said if i ban him he will ban me im honestly scared i dont know what to do and he black mailed me into giving up the admin password and has just banned me from the server what do i do i payed for the server i dont want to just let him have it

  • Hello,

    First, Don't worrk about the DDOS'ing, We have protection for that, Simply change the admin password, And place a ticket in, and ill clear the ban list and you can access the server again. Please include details as the Other players gamer tag, and info as well in the email if possible