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    Unfortunately, that linked website is out of date (DEC 2015) and the information is no longer entirely relevant.

    The game has had multiple updates since that posting, and file directories and names have changed slightly.

    The new system has a .yaml before generation of a game that applies a percentage chance that a playfield will be PvP with a new stat that states

    PvPprob: 0.1 (Where 0.1 is 10%)

    I've still yet to find that new location that stores the data for altering playfield configurations, as the old Content/Sectors/ directory doesn't exist in the FTP access of g-portals.

    I did find the Content/Playfields/ directory and attempted modifying playfields there, but they all seem to be in relation to new game generation... not existing playfields

    Inside the actual Saved games data, the Playfields information just seems to list location data and other data that doesn't reflect PvP status.

    As it stands, I have still been unable to locate what directory in g-portal holds the file that has the configuration options for playfields.

    EDIT: I found where you can edit the playfield configurations for the newest Alpha 11.x versions.

    Before anything, shut down your server.

    You need to use FTP access to navigate to the Saves/Games/ folder

    Open your game directory (whatever you named it)

    Open the Templates directory

    Each folder will be named with the playfield you want to edit. The playfield may not show up if no one has explored/found it yet (It hasn't been generated)

    Inside the folder, you will find playfield.yaml (Open and edit this file)

    You will see the various options, but specifically in this forum post look for the "PvP: True" or "PvP: False". Edit as desired

    Relaunch server. The playfield will now have the setting you made

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