[New Heavy Role play Server] Edge of Humanity.

  • Edge of Humanity - Scum RP server.

    Do you wish you could find a RP server where you don't have to build your character based on the games default story line? Tired of always having to be a prisoner sent to the island and not able to really flesh out your own personalized character profile?

    New and unique. We play by a different story line. Based on the premise that the world has fallen into chaos and been taken over by newly awoken robots with a virus that uploads consciousness. Huge mechanical over lords control the fate of many, but will they control you? Come read our full story line and progress with our ever unfolding time line and server story. Be part of something exciting and different, but with the same SCUM you have come to know and love.

    We plan to become the biggest and best player run event and quest based server on Scum. Starting out with 3 fun and exciting quests for you to earn your ranks, cars, money and more! Come and see what you have been missing!