AUSTRALIA EVOLVED 15x Exp&Harvest / 100x Taming / 75x Hatch&Mature / Valguero

  • Join me on the newly launched Australian cluster based in Sydney for low ping. 15x Exp & Harvesting, 100x Taming, 75xHatch & Mature, Stats are boosted only a small percentage, Max Player Level 150 (after ascending), Max Wild 180, Wild dinos decent buff for extra PvE threat, Tamed dinos nerfed for balancing with the wild buff resulting only a small buff to tamed dinos, Custom loot, No large amounts of Tek in drops, No element in Drops, No Artifacts in drops. This server is for PvP but doesnt want to eliminate the challanges of end game gear, you still need to put in some work to be alpha!:thumbsup: