Conan server, Maintenance mod

  • When ever my Conan server goes into Maintenance Mode it gets stuck there and I need to send a ticket to get it fixed. Today it was stuck there for 9 hours, Is there anything I can do about it, like being able to shut it off myself? I have not received any response to that question. This is terrible that I have to have my server shut down for so long and can not do anything about it.

  • I am dropping it I think they are really mad at me for asking so much

    I should have guessed when it took 9 hours to respond to my ticket, actually they responded to some else's ticket that put one in for me

  • the only time i have ever seen support take so long is either during a busy period like big atlas and ark updates together, or shift changes between east and west timezones (eu/na).. and i am in australia..

    tickets are responded to in order of receipt, so if you keep asking questions on the same ticket, the received time is t he last time you wrote on that ticket. which is probably why s omebody was answered before you

    next time, a simple "machine is showing maintenance, can i please have this rectified" (like i do) should be all that is needed