What are the hardware specs used on Ark (PC clients) servers here?

  • Hello, I'm looking to rent an Ark server for PC to host the game for a community i'm planning to manage. I was looking around the Gportal site for hardware specs and more information but no luck finding them. I'd really like to know some things before I decide to rent here.

    1. Could anyone tell me the hardware specs G-portal uses on their Ark servers?
    (Like how many cores / Ghz, RAM, SSD, Bandwidth, DDOS mitigation, etc.)

    2. is it possible to upgrade / downgrade your suscription plan? I'm looking to start very small, but I'd like to eventually open more slots and possibly a cluster of all the ark maps should my community need them.

    3. is it possible to host maps that are not official / DLC here? (like Shigo Islands)

  • Hi, i am not certain of the specs, you should send a msg to support, but its about 3,8 ghz processors, ram is unlimited, and you can start off with 10 slots. I ahve been hosting mod heavy servers here for over 12 months, and never really had any issues, and i play on la servers from aus.

    as a person that likes mods, and moddedmaps this is the easiest place to run servers, bar none.