New PVP RP Server (PS4): Gods and Masters

  • "I stand on the edge of a new world full of intrigue and danger. The desert sun bears down on my haggard skin as if it means to bury me in the searing sands. I'm beginning to wonder if I am already dead and this is a trial of the afterlife. I press forward, not sure if by my own will or by some other force compelling me, towards a light in the distance. The words of the man who freed me from that cross is the only thing my mind can muster, 'Pray to your gods, Exile, they may be your only hope.'"


    Gods and Masters is a new PVP RP Server for PS4 that went live last week. The server is focused on developing an immersive plot line that expands on the lore of Conan Exiles. You will come to know the true purpose of why you are trapped in the Exiled lands and what violent ends they serve, through a host of custom dungeons, events and characters developed by the admin team. Come join us, Exile and outwit the machinations of those who put you in this wretched place.

    Current active player base: 11

    XP Boost: 10x

    Harvest rate: 10x

    Stamina: 2x

    PVP: 24/7

    Weekday Raid times: 5pm - 9:30pm EST

    Weekend Raid times: 12pm - 12am EST

    Admin activity: ~Daily

    Admin Responsiveness: High

    RP requirement: Low


    Please feel free to ask any questions.