Solace - alternative long term server.

  • Server Name : Solace

    Category : Pve- C (with raiding on weekends only)

    Introduction : What it started was a purged based with role play with two of my friends. They eventually moved on from Conan. I hardly play this game anymore due to burn out. However, I do get on just to monitor the server and help with maintenance. I have 3 mature admins that will help me run the server, you never know there is a chance you could become an admin.

    What we can offer :   My Admins host these Weekly Events. Trade Market, Arena, and Maze Dungeon. My admins are looking for more vendors, which you can sell, buy, or trade goods. We have a community page called, "Conan Exiles Solace". More than 300 subscribers (old school, former, new players, and those that no longer play Conan). We have a community welcome center that provide starter kits. DLC tattoos, dyes, decor, and iron tools. The purpose is make them read the server rules, due to too many rule breakers from the past. I don't restock the chest often, it's usually the players that donates them.

    Current Active Admins : ShyBWolf (most active), CrazyWildJoker (her adult son), and Zyvriod (runs the trade market). If interested, add one of them first, before messaging.

    Former Admins (Inactive, Quit Conan, Real life problems, Stepped down, or rented their own server) : Valladoria, Dariusdrg, Beautiful_Gore, Buzz8385, Lockhart23, Indain_Spirt, Badperson1234, Approved_death, HexHud, Th3-Exp3rtgamer, x2bad_ur_Sniped, Angel1234luis, Lady-Krystm.

    In Conclusion : Invest in a long term server, like minded players who enjoy the game, and close knit community. Solace is for you!

    It's been a long Journey for me, I've been an admin since july/august of 2018. If you would like to support us, it is greatly appreciated!. Donation link:…ac92a7373689c12c0a/Solace

    Thank you for your time and have a good day!.

    ~ Sincerely Server Owner, William.