Response time

  • Could I recommend an active support help option. Been waiting more than 2 hours to fix my server that is down and still no feed back as to the problem or a potential fix to the problem. Paying for a server that I can not use and getting no communication as to how to fix it, just has pending.

  • Hello,

    We provide one of the fast response time of any game server provider, Most have a 24 hour reply time. We normally manage in under 1 hour. But the varies depending on the issue and how many tickets we receive, as we answer in the order we get them.While i understand waiting for a reply while the server is having a problem is annoying, Keep in mind we have over 40,000 servers within G-portal. There no way to for any company to provide instant help unless we hired 1 support agent per customer. Which is not possible financially. But we do our best to get to everyone as fast as possible