Conan Exiles [PC] [EU/PL] Server ETHIMA 06.06.2019, gfriendly

  • Hi everyone!

    Are you looking for a fresh server? I invite you cordially to all lovers of Conan Exiles for ETHMA!


    PvP (player versus player) - 24/7;

    PvB (possibility of destroying buildings) - Mon-Fri 20: 00-23: 00 / Sat-Sun 19: 00-23: 00;

    Exp - x1 [default settings - for possible editing at the players’ request];

    Blocked the ability to create avatars;

    We are starting on June 6 at 13:00!

    Below I put a few details:

    • ETHIMA is a clean server without mods, placed in Poland, for the Polish community and not only [initially 50 slots];
    • Admin with a high rank of this rank and personal culture, for which pure pleasure will be support and development of players;
    • Guaranteed content and server duration;
    • Many nice and simple events awarded with various items;
    • Optional weekly voting will affect server development. [All options and mods will be subordinated to the players - you must enjoy the game!];
    • Optional, free TeamSpeak and the opportunity to set up your own channel;
    • Many more surprises you will discover when deciding on this server!