PS4 Servers

  • I am thinking about renting a server to play Conan exiles and Ark, Can i switch between these two games via the control panel , or do i have to rent two separate servers. this is for the PS4 versions of both games

  • g-portal and funcom - this is directed at you:

    We would like to be able to host our own servers on our own hardware for the PS4, much like the ability is for the PC. Holding out on us and forcing us to rent a server for the PS4 (or xbox for that matter), yet having the ability to host your own on a PC is asinine. I have a small server cluster (not PC junk - actual racks, Dell Servers, IBM Servers, Cisco switches, Cisco ASA's, etc.) that I use for my business, work, and for fun (hosting game servers for other games). I'm not new to hosting, and would welcome the ability to host PS4 games - specifically Conan Exiles.

    I've played on the official servers for some time now, and the biggest issue I have is the fact that we can't excel due to a group of clans. I'm not opposed to clan wars from time to time, but there are three clans that have teamed up together (because you can only have 10 players per clan) and will not back down from my clan or other new clans. We can't even build a T1 base without it being destroyed within the next two days. We can't build T2 or T3 bases because everything gets ransacked and destroyed before we can mine and create the materials to due so.

    I've seen many clans come and go because these three same clans keep doing the same to everyone else. They have verbally stated "This is our server, get lost." Granted this is one official server, but if it happens on one official server, it can and will happen on others.

    Now, being an official server - they don't have to pay for it, yet they get all the benefits of a paid (rented) server with the exception of an admin console.

    My clan, a group of 4 (used to be 8 ) players is pretty much ready to quit playing Conan Exiles due to these issues. I'm asking you to give us the ability to create and host our own PS4 'free' servers for Conan Exiles without the requirement of renting them from a monopoly.

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  • I think your confused, Us nor Funcom can allow hosting of private ps4 servers, This is set by Sony, They do not allow access to there network from outside sources. Last i knew only 4 companies in the world are allow access to ps4 files for all games

  • Ok, so this is a Sony requirement. Thank you for the clarification.

    Then back to my issue - is there any form of moderation that is done, or will be done regarding users "claiming" an official server as their own and forcing other players to either leave the official server or be targets of constant ruin?