Question about loot

  • I know the old control panel allowed you to change this variable, but now with Basic settings i am unable to change the amount of loot. Is their an advanced settings area that i am missing? For what ever reason scum devs decided to drop the amount of loot in game, and it is unbearable. I spend the majority of my time now looking for loot. Guns,food,clothes. Please tell me i can change this?

  • I do NOT feel as tho that is correct. Why? Because me and a buddy spent almost an entire day perfecting the loot when i had my previous server. We checked all high traffic areas while performing the loot balance. This is the reason i do not believe you answer is correct.

  • Hey,

    Your more then welcome to check with the game developers but this is something ive spoke with the directly about before, And there no option to increase loot, Just How often it spawns