Low population server ram eventually over-uses itself

  • I have a 25 slot conan server, which only allots the server with 6.25 gb of RAM. Over the day, the server eventually 'over uses' the RAM available up to 6.5 gb (out of a supposed possible 6.25 gb) until it crashes and restarts. The server starts lagging and despawning things slowly when the RAM usage creeps past 6.25 gb until it eventually crashes and restarts. It takes about 12 hours for the RAM usage to creep over my allotted amount, so I've circumvented the crashes with automated 12 hour restarts. Is there anything else I can do to fix this issue? It seems the only way to get more RAM is to add more slots to my server, but I do not want more than 25 people on my server. It seems the amount of RAM given simply isnt enough, or there is some memory leak on my server.

    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Just got this response from my support ticket in case anyone is having similar issues;

    "We do not cap ram, And this is simply a display, The server can use as much as it wants, And its not crashing due to a ram issue, But ingame bugs, Most conan servers require 1 to 2 restarts a day to keep bugs and memory leaks down. This is a issue with the game software itself. But we do not cap ram in any way"