New Server Conan exiles PS4.(Doomblacklight)

  • Hello, My comrades, Here in this New open server. OPEN 24/7. harvest, exp and crafting is 3 times the usual amount. right now we only have 20 slots open but we are looking to expand, first we got to see progress, support , advice, and then we open up to 30 people then 40 etc... I'm also open to advices to change the server setting and making the game more fun. we can do pve , pvp , pve conflict, raids etc. more players the better. Last time I sign in there was 3 players. you can make a clan up to 10, but looking to change it to 5 for now. anyways help me to help you guys make our server more fun to play. SERVER NAME IS DOOM BLACKLIGHT. I know not smart or creative but hey it's a start. PSN IS LIGHT_INFINITE. send me message on what to change and or whatever is you requesting . Thank you and enjoy.