(PS4) The ability to have a separate Admin character from your play character with real admin controls

  • I am specifically referring to how Bioware did it with Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2.

    Admins (Dungeon Masters) had to log into their own persistent worlds via the Dungeon Master login. The admin would then have to create a special dungeon master that was NOT their play character. While logged into their DM character they could spawn creatures, events, handle in-game issues like abusive players, etc. This helped deter abusive admins and abusive practices by keep management separate from the player base.

    (absolute power absolutely corrupts)

    All the Admin panel on the PS4 really allows is the ability to cheat on that specific player.

    It would be awesome is we could get with that level of functionality.

    Until then, maybe an admin permission system that allows players to moderate a private server but not cheat.

    Example: (at it's very basic level)

    Server Admin: Everything

    Moderator: Banning Abilities

    Thanks for a great game, still loving it!