Question re: Increasing PS4 Conan Exiles Server Player Capacity

  • I'm hoping someone can answer a pretty basic question. When increasing player capacity from 20 to 30, or even up to 40, does your server get any increased power, or capability to handle the larger pool of players??

    I've got a PS4 server for Conan Exiles. It was a 20 person server, and we were hitting some lag issues, stuttering and invisible enemies (I know, nothing new in the Exiled Lands), so I've increased the capacity to 30 players, hoping that we'd see some kind of stability boost if we actually never had more than 20 players.

    Essentially the question boils down to: do we get a benefit for paying for more player slots, or do we just have more traffic on the same hardware, etc, possibly leading to increased lag/stuttering and other ill effects of poor server performance?