Server Settings in game not working.

  • PS4
    So, I've had my server for about two weeks now. When I first got it, I was able to change the server settings using the sliders in the game menu itself. This no longer works for some reason. The sliders move, and go to where I want them set, but do not stay there. As soon as i go back into the settings, They are at their previous setting. This is a bit of an issue because i want combat durability off (no durabilty loss for weapons/armor) but regular durability for tools and other things. the reason this is an issue for me and my server is because in the server settings here on g-portal there is no way to select only combat durability. its all or nothing. There are a few other issues. but if this worked, then they would too. Examples would be the stamina setting has reverted back to default and i cant seem to change that anywhere. Not ingame menu or on the web page setting. It still shows 1. Despite everything in my settings for stamina showing 0.5.

  • well thats a shame. Alright ty for the info. i did i brief search and only found stamina mentioned. so i posted as well. ty for letting me know. xD

  • TL;DR - same issue on Xbox, Fix it, Fix if, Fix it

    I thought I'd post here too, trying to get the attention of someone who can actually do something.

    But it's not just PS4, issues with server settings are not holding to what they were set to on Xbox as well. I see this has been going on for a few months, this is not acceptable. Since I am paying for a server, from the single solitary provider of said servers for XBOX, (absolutely ridiculous), I would at least expect that the services provided be of decent quality.

    The settings can be adjusted IN game, to a degree that is, only the ones the in game menu allows. The more detailed settings on the server side which foul up just have to be dealt with. However, everytime there is a server reset the settings revert and have to be adjusted manually.

    Not sure whose issue it is, G Portal or Funcom, but someone needs to get on it and fix this. OR Funcom needs to allow other server providers to enter the market. Perhaps if there was some competition, some decent reliable services would be provided.

  • Will this upcoming patch also fix weight? I have a 10 slot purchased and wanting to upgrade to 40 and make it public. However weight and stamina is the only two things holding me back. I'm on Xbox.

  • I'm confused, I was referring to the user interface being bugged on the gportal website. I put in a variable into weight and it does not translate onto my server, Same with stamina. I have to revert to logging into the server every reset to change the setting back through use of the Admin settings. I have absolutely no way of changing the weight variable. Is this a fault on Funcoms side?