Virtual Blitz Gaming

  • Listen up everyone!

    In an effort to help out this community and the progress of this game, I have bought one 64 slots server, and two 40 slot servers, based in the U.S East. So far players from around the world, can play here lag free! We want to back this game and the community by providing a solid foundation of players here in Mordhau. If you have recently bought the game, or have been playing since the betas, you all are welcome here. We however do not tolerate certain behaviors on the servers, such as, HACKING, VERBAL ABUSE, or IN-Game Abuse. We abide by a strict code here, that all are welcome to play on our servers. Right now we are currently looking to expand how we manage the servers, so we are looking for moderators, but also good ROLEPLAYERS, for the future of the game mode, last team standing. We want to add a depth to this game, that make you really feel, you are a part of a brotherhood, in this game! The following is our three servers:

    (( After the game has launched, at the main menu, press ((~)) to open the console, and type open "ip" (Example for server #1 would be "open" for each server, to connect directly to our servers! The addresses are as follows so you can copy and paste the line (highlight, control c, control v) into the console and simply press enter!!

    ----------- Server(s) Information -----------

    Virtual Blitz Gaming Medieval Carnage #1


    Virtual Blitz Gaming Medieval Carnage #2

    type open

    Virtual Blitz Gaming Medieval Carnage #3

    type open


    Our Discord Link:


    Admin Staff List:

    PsychoShade :

    IBinkx :