Mordhau server issue.

  • I've tried connecting via opening the console via the main menu, and entering >open This doesn't work/do anything for me. I'm unable to locate the room via the search in game.

    I've also gone to steam view>servers>favorites and entering the ip and port and it just says there is no response.


  • same here I just rented for the first time. I turned on and off plus restart. Its in steam and says not responding. need help plz

  • Under basic settings you will see

    Mordhau (US West) Server by

    IP: (Query Port: 29215, Rcon Port: 29216) Active Players 0/6Rcon Port: 29216)

    In Steam/View/Servers/Add

    put in the ip:query port ie

    and then click on find games at this address. if it appears there add the selected game server to favourites