getting on my server.

  • Hello. I just recently got a server for ark. I had one in the past but completely forgot one part of how it works. I have everything set up, all mods ready and server is live. I just cannot remember how to access my server along with my friends. I remember something about clicking view on steam then going to servers but i draw a blank from there. Any help would be appreciated!:thumbsup:

  • Adding a new server to your Ark Favorite Servers using Steam (this way upon connecting you are shown the Mod loading process, even during your first connect!) To start, inside Steam, go to VIEW > SERVERS

    Enter the IP and Port for the serve, then click on "FIND GAMES AT THIS ADDRESS". Please note if the server is offline doing an update you will not see it. Please wait till the server is online. Once the server shows in the list, click on "ADD SELECTED GAME SERVER TO FAV..."

    With this done, when you launch Ark you will see your servers already pinned for you for quick access.