Server Issue

  • I'm going to copy and paste from my Reddit.

    Hi guys, I recently bought a server from G-portal to play with some friends on PS4. It work fine and everything until around 2am I messed with some settings after my boyfriend booted it up, got in the server but he couldn't harvest anything although the character did the animation. Nothing loaded in besides the area you logged out off. Enemies no where to be seen either. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

    One thing I do want to add is that my boyfriend went to a random server and it worked fine.

  • Yeah this has been an ongoing bug that randomly hits.

    The way I've gotten it fixed is to put the game to Offline for like 5 minutes, start it up again and wait like 10 minutes before I load into the game. It has something to do with a load sync issue I think

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